Theoretical Framework
My work is that of an alchemist. I work with elements made from aluminum, that I combine with glass and sometimes copper, to convert them into human or animal figures, or masks or eyes that ultimately, going beyond the material, transmit expression and magic. Regardless of this change of aspect, I give a second opportunity to the material, as if it were a reincarnation of a teapot into a chicken, or a fying pan into a briefcase.
Alejandro Vila
Every metal that makes up my pieces has been efected by different life conditions: the heat of the firewood of a country person, the humidity of the Velle de San Mauricio, in Haulqui, or the chilean food that was cooked in it. These expereinces, this use, gives the matierials a distinctive character and their own soul.

To conserve the indegrity, every part is put together with metal ropes, made by hand, like embroidery or needlework, which requires skill and imagination. Only rigourous and constant practice has allowed me to continue perfecting this technique.

Like the materials, the technique escapes from classic art. My work is creating its own parameters and language.