Tourism Chamber
Letter written by Enrique Ferrand, President of the Provincial Chamber of Tourism of Concepcion and Haroldo Campos Maureira, Director of the Provincial Chamber of Tourism of Concepcion.
Haroldo Campos
Concepcion, November 23th, 2006

With enthusiasm are proud to announce that you are being honored in 2006 with the decoration of the “Coat of Arms of the City of Concepcion” medal degree, for your many and varied contributions to the expansion of art and artists in the region.

As a videographer and visual artist, you have been constant in your task of cultural diffusion and promotion, to the benefit of both the artists and the community itself. Through your television programs you have been avant-garde, both in
terms of format and contents, such as in: “La micro”, “El submarino”, “U’Llola”.

Additionally your two films about the life and work of the distinguished artist Eduardo Meissner (one short length, one medium length): “Los caminos que bifurcan” and “La invasion de las termitas” are also of note. The latter won the “Chile, una buena idea” award from the University of Concepcion. On top of the previously mentioned achievements, there was the television production for the Calaucan Dance Group called, “Profunda piel” and in 1997, with the poet Tulio Mendoza Belio, the video “Estaciones para un cuerpo”.

You were also the director of the group, Artes y Tierras, from whence sprung the nationally and internationally renowned Grisalla group. You were also the producer of this collective and registered a stellar encounter in the Crisol Workshop with Loreto Pierart.

Your recent collection of sculptures, called “Puerta Especial”, is exhibited along with Coco Pierart and Hidalgo Bastien in the Exhibition Room of the Universidad Catolica de Santisima Concepcion, has received well by critics and the public. Without a doubt, you are very much appreciated, Alejandro. At this level of excellence, how could it not be noticed?
Haroldo Campos, Director of the Provincial Chamber of Tourism of Concepcion.