Ximena Cortés
Journalist of the Communications and Public Relations Department at the Universidad de Concepción. She previously worked as a newspaper reporter for El Sur, covering Culture and Entertainment.
Ximena Cortés
Alejandro Vila autodefines himself as a creator of species (…) that for the first time is exhibiting his pieces, ranging from playful and magical animals to different eyes, in various forms. To him, his aluminum sculptures allude to the urban faun, and in this sense, he gives them names that make the audience (at least those with good obervations) remember the person who inspired the work.

“More than a sculptor, I am a historian, because if I did not make a remberance sculpture of  ‘Mosca Saavedra’ (an historical inspector of Liceo 1), nobody would remember him."

He is interested in recovering the ability to surprise the spectator, so Vila’s sculptures all have different identities, making actors of the plastic effect to everyone that he is securing to recreate. As producer of different distiguished local artists and friend of many others, like the integral Grisella, Eduardo Meissner, and the very same Coco Pierart, Alejandro exhibits certain influences from them in his work, although achieving his own sense of irony and a great uniqueness in terms of expression.

The technique that he uses is based on the luck he has had with rope, which gives him the possibility to arm metalic structures with textiles. “No I am beginning to pass to a new complex stage with increased amounts of support”, he claims.

With 5 years developing this work, another line of his work refers to eyes, so that it reflects every differernt personality, various ambiances and distinct social groups.

Translation of exerpt from the report “Un pasaje al inifinito” published on Sunday, October 8th in the newspaper, El Sur.